Social Media Management

Social Media Management

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Communication has always been one of the most challenging & crucial parts of any business. Does your business know how to communicate effectively & correctly on social media? Do you know what to share? What to tag? What to tweet? Did you just say "What" in your head 3 times? Don't panic, our Social Media Management is here to help.

Facebook & Twitter

Posting to these two social media giants allow your company's identity, personality and opinions to be shared with the world. Psychology comes into play on the opinions, good or bad, of the general public can have a direct impact on your business. Our guidance ensures that you get the attention you actually want. 


The business to business realm of social media. An amazing networking resource where the content is focused on business, not what you had for dinner last night. Posts include engaging articles related to your industry often from business leaders who share valuable tips or experiences. Perhaps your business has something to contribute to the conversation. Don't Panic Consulting helps you join it.
Communicating effectively on social media as a business requires: Customer Service, Relevant Content, and Engagement


  • Content Management 
  • Shared 
  • Categorized 
  • Curated

One-Time & Monthly Packages

  • Customizable packages which can be scaled to fit your exact business needs. 
  • Reporting on performance & engagement of posts 
  • Social Media Promotions 
  • Multi-platform support


Scheduling posts correctly saves time and resources
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