Eden BMS

Business Management Solutions are necessary yet their features rarely impress the companies who reply on them. One reason for this is that each business has its own diverse needs and one size fit all solutions don't work. 

Don't Panic Consulting created Eden as a way to offer a comprehensive approach to addressing this problem by providing industry specific modules and partnering them with cross industry back office support modules. Welcome to Eden!


Channels are something the Distributors and Don’t Panic Consulting have in common. Whether it is goods through a port or data through a network, more avenues mean faster distribution. We designed EDEN as a way to improve the current Distribution Management software environment.

Designed with the Industry’s need for accurate, efficient support networks, Don’t Panic allocates specific components and partners them with global, cross industry, back office modules. EDEN is able to be a comprehensive Business Management Suite which improves the efficiency of your company’s operations.  


The Manufacturing Industry has and always will be the foremost authority on turning raw materials into finished products. IBM even studied the loom cards of textile mills when they were designing the first computer. Often Manufacturing has been left to innovate its own solutions to problems.

Don’t Panic Consulting designed EDEN to assist the Manufacturing Industry with its business operations. USA based support & development means that our team is ready to work directly with you. Modules designed for the manufacturing industry partnered with universal cross industry and back office modules create a comprehensive flexible Business Management Suite for your company.  

Professional Services

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a fancy term that is designed to make businesses feel they have got the very best product in place to support them. The reality is that often the limitations of those solutions come to light only after implementation. The service industry encompasses such a diverse range of the corporate landscape that no one current solution is a perfect fit. Don’t Panic Consulting recognized this prevalent business problem and created the Eden platform to tackle this challenge head on. Eden is a Comprehensive, Customizable Business Management Suite with USA based development and support.

Offering a Comprehensive Business Management Suite means providing an interconnected system designed to address the constantly changing needs of the Service Industry. Eden offers Business support modules specific to the Service industry as well as access to global modules with cross industry applications. Don’t Panic Consulting partners with your company to compile the best support configuration for your business.

More Features!

  • Email Integration
  • SMS Integration
  • Report Builder
  • Shared Calendar
  • Customer / Vendor Portals
  • Downloadable Backups
  • Email Alerts
  • Finance Analytics
  • Payment Integration (Paypal)
  • Workflow Engine
  • Custom Fields
  • Custom Scripting
  • Website & Web Forums
  • Gantt and Kanban View
  • Role Based Access
  • Field Level Customization
  • Customized Print
  • Mobile app (Coming Soon)

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