What we are trying to solve?

Business Systems

Business tools are usually complicated, and difficult to maintain, requiring teams of administrators and developers to tailor to each business. For small businesses, this is a huge drain on tight resources.

Expensive Processes

Business tools are expensive to deploy, costing thousands to millions of dollars per year to maintain and store data in. This is prohibitive to small businesses, and painful for medium businesses to handle.

Business Tools

Many tools are needed to conduct business; Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Case Management, Knowledge Base, Accounting, Inventory, all with their own price tags. No company currently builds in all of the business tools for CRM, ERP, and data-driven decision making.

Our Team

Don’t Panic’s highly talented individuals, include expertise in cyber-intelligence, software programming, business process improvement, strategic vision planning, program architecture and data governance to create secure and elegant software.

Justin R. Donnaruma

Chief Executive Officer
CEO and founder, Justin Donnaruma has expertise in cyber-intelligence, software programming, program architecture and data governance. 

Justin provides strategic vision for both the consulting and software side of Don't Panic. 

Benjamin Santos

Chief Marketing Officer
Benjamin Santos is an experienced IT professional, Ben also has 15 years of customer service experience and is an Eagle Scout. As Chief Marketing Officer, he brings a unique perspective to sales and the customer experience as he helps craft the language of Don't Panic Consulting's strategic vision.

Ravi Jackson

Chief Operations Officer
Ravi Jackson has a background in law, finance, policy, management, and government. He oversees the general day to day operations of Don't Panic, including, strategy, marketing, and investor relations, etc.

Richard T. Hooper

Chief Technology Officer
Richard Hooper has a significant technology background, with an emphasis on user experience and interface design. He directly controls the core code of our software stack, including the Eden Business Management Suite, and the related engineering teams.
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